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You need quality courses to make the most of your investment in Tenable. However, with busy schedules and tight budgets, it can be tough to find the time. To help our millions of users on their journey towards understanding and reducing their cybersecurity risk, Tenable is pleased to provide a comprehensive set of self-service courses for our entire product portfolio. With 24/7 access to courses, you can evaluate and learn about Tenable solutions on your schedule and focus your learning on the topics you need.

On-Demand Courses Available for Tenable.io, Nessus, SecurityCenter and More

On-demand course topics range from Vulnerability Assessment to Compliance, Auditing to Assurance Report Cards® (ARCs). Available for all Tenable.io™, Nessus®, SecurityCenter® and Nessus Network Monitor (formerly Passive Vulnerability Scanner® or PVS®) products, the on-demand courses are ideal for security analysts, knowledge workers and other professionals using or evaluating the Tenable product suite.

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Courses Available


Asset Management

  • Asset Management Overview
  • Asset Discovery Process
  • Discovering External Assets (Cloud Scanners)
  • Discovering Internal Assets (Nessus)
  • Discovering Cloud Assets (AWS)
  • Discovery with Integrations
  • Discovery with Passive Listening
  • Asset Categorization Process
  • Categorizing Assets
  • Basic Asset Analysis
  • Asset Tracking in Practice

Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability Management Overview
  • Vulnerability Assessment Overview
  • External Assessment
  • Internal Assessment
  • Agent Assessment
  • Automated Passive Listening
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Mobile Device Assessment
  • Authentication Coverage
  • Vulnerability Reporting
  • System Admin Reporting
  • Escalation Reporting
  • Success Reporting

Sensor Deployment

  • Sensor Deployment
  • Deploying Nessus Scanners
  • Deploying Nessus for AWS
  • Deploying Nessus Agents
  • Deploying Nessus Network Monitor

Web Application Scanning

  • Web Application Scanning Overview
  • Web Application Scanning Methods
  • Web Application Discovery
  • Basic Web Application Assessment
  • Extensive Web Application Assessment
  • Workbenches and Dashboards

Container Security

  • Container Security Overview
  • Policy Enforcement


Fundamentals of Managing SecurityCenter

  • Continuous Network Monitoring
  • The Beauty of Automation
  • Software Requirements and Downloading
  • Deployment Pre-Planning
  • Deployment Strategy Planning
  • Scan Zones
  • Roles, Groups, and Users
  • Repositories

SecurityCenter: Scanning and Analysis

  • Scan Overview
  • Credentialed Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning Overview
  • Infrastructure Scanning
  • Asset List Basics
  • Credentials
  • Scan Policies
  • Creating Scans
  • Analysis & Reporting Basics
  • Dashboards
  • Assurance Report Cards

Fundamentals of Managing SCCV

  • SCCV Product Overview
  • Software Requirements and Downloading
  • Passive Analysis Overview
  • Log Correlation Engine Overview
  • Deployment Strategy Planning
  • Nessus Agent Support
  • Adding an Agent Scanner
  • LCE Client Policy Configuration

SCCV: Event Analysis and Reporting

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Event Analysis Basics
  • Reporting Basics
  • Assurance Report Cards
  • Alerts
  • Tickets
  • Nessus Agent Data

Advanced Threat Detection

  • Data Collections
  • Going Hunting
  • Hunting the Known with Dashboards
  • Hunting the Known manually
  • Hunting the Unknown
  • Hunting the Unknown with Dashboards
  • Hunting the Unknown Manually
  • Insider Threat
  • Insider Threat User Tracking
  • Insider Threat User Tracking in Practice
  • Insider Threat Data Exfiltration
  • Targeted Intrusion Detection
  • Targeted IDS Configuration
  • Targeted IDS in Practice
  • Predicting Attack Paths
  • Identifying Trust
  • Carving the Path

The Nessus Sensor Suite

Nessus Professional

  • Deployment
  • Scanning
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Infrastructure Compliance
  • Application Compliance
  • Advanced Scanning

Nessus Manager

  • Deployment
  • Components
  • Scanning
  • Agents

Nessus Network Monitor

  • Introduction to Nessus Network Monitor
  • Nessus Network Monitor Deployment
  • Nessus Network Monitor Installation
  • Nessus Network Monitor Windows Installation
  • Nessus Network Monitor Linux Installation
  • Nessus Network Monitor Interface Introduction
  • Nessus Network Monitor Configuration Overview
  • Nessus Network Monitor Configuration Part 1
  • Nessus Network Monitor Configuration Part 2
  • Nessus Network Monitor Plugin Introduction
  • Nessus Network Monitor Basic Analysis
  • Nessus Network Monitor Basic Reporting
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